Sterile Surgical Gloves

SteriMed Sterile Surgical Gloves are anatomically designed to provide maximum comfort and grip, while reducing hand fatigue to the user. The extractable NR latex proteins content is kept to the minimum thereby reduce skin allergic reactions. In addition, the gloves contain moderate dusting powder level, which facilitates swift removal of powder prior to surgical procedures.

         High Strength Natural Rubber Latex
         Low Modulus
         Maximum Comfort and Protection
         Micro roughened, non-slip surface for excellent grip
         Softer latex reduces hand fatigue and stronger latex reduces glove tearing
         Conform to ASTM D3577 and EN 455 Specifications
         Hypoallergenic minimizing potential allergic risks
         Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation
         Fitting beaded cuff        
         Puncture-resistant design