Powder-free Poly Chloroprene Gloves

Another alternative to meeting the stringent demands of industry. Designed to perform like a premium synthetic glove, SteriMed Poly Chloroprene Gloves are without the associated risk of adverse reactions to proteins inherent in natural rubber latex.

An effective hand protection barrier against contamination and infectious diseases, the glove is also chemically toughened to provide extra protection against a broad range of chemicals and oils, making it ideally suitable for handling acids, caustics and alcohols.

• Chloroprene formulation allows for enhanced barrier protection of a synthetic glove with

the comfort, fit and feel of natural rubber

• Being of latex-free nature, thus eliminating potential Type I allergic reaction elicited by

natural rubber proteins

• The formulation offers low modulus, allowing greater dexterity, tactile sensitivity and

reduced hand fatigue

• The polymer coating not only facilitates ease of donning, but also offers greater resistance to

fluid permeation

• Ambidextrous, with textured fingertips for enhanced wet and dry grip

• Low modulus for minimized hand fatigue