Powder-free Latex Examination Gloves

SteriMed Powder-free Latex Examination Gloves provide yet another complimentary alternative to meet the stringent demands of diverse users. Ideal for medical use, these gloves undergo an advanced halogenation washing process, which minimizes sensitivity to allergic reactions.

These low-protein gloves also feature a specially textured surface to improve grip. Pigment free with no fillers or waxes, they offer better protection as they are less likely to absorb body fluids.

• Natural Rubber Latex

• Ambidextrous

• Manufactured in accordance with ASTM D3578/ EN 455/ FDA specifications

• Low levels of soluble protein to further reduce incidences of skin sensitivity reactions

• Micro roughened, non-slip surface for optimal sensitivity

• Fitting Beaded Cuff for easy donning

• Continuous polymer coating buffers wearer from direct contact with latex to further

reduce the risk of skin irritation